Message from our Chair

Furness Roller Derby was Cumbria's first flat track Roller Derby League. It was founded in Autumn 2010, and has valiantly faced many challenges and changes. Since its inception every member of the League, past and present, has contributed to its growth. A range of people have given their time to train, play, coach and lead the League to where it is now. Players have travelled all around the country and even abroad to play in tournaments. Others have had the honour of training with and playing for our National Team.

We currently have 2 UKRDA bouting teams; The Firecrackers, and our MRDA team the Barrow Infernos. We also have a team of referees who are the stripey skaters who keep our teams in line.


For those who want to be part of this amazing sport but don’t want to skate we also have our non skating officials who officiate all our games, both home and away. We couldn’t play without them!

At present both teams are taking part in the British Roller Derby Championships, which sees them facing a wide range of opponents who test their skills and team work.

This is a challenging, full contact, fast paced sport. It is also strangely addictive! If you’ve read this far and think could I do this, well the answer is YES YOU CAN. We have a great new skater programme both for competing skaters and for our ref team, Team Zebra. We take people from all levels on a rolling programme, it is taken at your pace with some fast tracking to Team Training – check out our Facebook page for details or pop along to one of our sessions to see what it’s all about.